18 Nov

The Charlotte Observer: Shifa Free Health Clinic serves the uninsured


  • Shifa is the Arabic word for healing
  • Clinic open once a month to the uninsured below the poverty line, regardless of religious affiliation
  • Located at American Islamic Outreach Foundation on Shamrock Drive

A new health clinic at the American Islamic Outreach Foundation (AIOF) is offering free medical care once a month to people who don’t have insurance and who live below the poverty line.

The clinic was started in October after Raza Ulhaq, a Charlotte pharmacist, had noticed many people were coming to him for medical advice. He met many of them when he went to his local mosque for prayer.

SOURCE: The Charlotte Observer


Shifa Free Health Clinic – Oct 2015 by Quran Mobile
19 Oct

Shifa Free Health Clinic – Oct 2015 by Quran Mobile

Quran Mobile attended 53 patients today from 10 am to 4 pm and the feedback we received was excellent. The feedback we received was that they thought the clinic was organized professionally with smooth flow from Reception, Registration, Pre-Screening, Doctor’s visit to Counseling.
There were several patients who had not visited a doctor in a long time, for example a mother with kids was in pain since last 15 days without any medication, another person whose blood sugar level was and had not seen a doctor in a long time, and there were many more.
Some said Jazakallah Khair and some said God Bless You. Most of them said that they shared this information on social media in their communities already.
You all made the difference Alhumdulillah ! May Allah SWT accept your services. Aameen.
Sheikh Shafayat Mohammed from Al Hikmat Services Florida with the Quran Mobile Team
10 Oct

Sheikh Shafayat Mohammed from Al Hikmat Services Florida with the Quran Mobile Team


Quran Mobile Team with Shaikh Shafayat from the Alhikmat foundation for a lecture on Interfaith Activities and community services.

Shaikh Shafayat was born, in Trinidad, West Indies, where he attended College   etc.. Due to his multi-faith and cultural upbringing, he was awarded a   scholarship to become a Christian Minister. In   1975 he went to India to study Islam and became the first student from the   Caribbean and North America to have graduated as an Islamic scholar from Darul   Uloom Deoband, which is  the largest and oldest islamic University in   India. He   is the Founder/Principal of Darul Uloom Institute in Pembroke   Pines Florida and the first Muslim to become President of   the Interfaith Council of South Florida in the year 2002. Shaikh Shafayat was   the first Muslim to represent Islam at a Florida State Faith Summit, held   at the Capitol Building  with Gov. Jeb Bush in the year   2000. He lectures throughout the U.S.A. and worldwide on Islam,   Interfaith Issues and Cultural Diversity.

For more details please visit: http://www.alhikmat.com/bioofshaikhshafayat.html

Source: Alhikmat