About Quran Mobile

The QuranMobile is a project of American Islamic Outreach Foundation. The QuranMobile is a community outreach and communication project is designed to help the Muslim community to reach out and educate people about the nature of Islam to help eradicate Islamophobia (irresponsible and bigoted fear of Islam and Muslims) and Anti-Muslim violence. The QuranMobile is used to spread information about Islam to anyone willing to listen; we do not force this information on anyone. The hope is that with education, hate and distrust of Muslims will fade and communities can enjoy peace.

We have engaged in this mission of increasing communication with the community as part of the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who actively engaged in interfaith dialog and made bonds for the greater improving of the community. Through the early interfaith efforts of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), a community comprised of Muslims, Christians, Jews and Arab pagans was able to coexist in harmony without the internal strife that faces America today.

For those who are not Muslim, reach out to your Muslim neighbor. For those who are Muslim, reach out to your non-Muslim neighbor. A community embraced in the brotherhood of man with respect for one another’s faith is certainly a community that is blessed with peace and prosperity. That is the goal of the QuranMobile and the American Islamic Outreach Foundation.